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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Victoria's Secret Runway Inspired Makeup

Hey Guys!! :)

My 3rd makeup video tutorial has been on youtube for almost a week now and I was planning on posting it here just hours after i uploaded it on youtube but i didn't have photos like from my other makeup vids. I googled how to get images from a video but man its so hard so instead of going crazy over pictures im just gonna let this one slip :) I still hope though that you would still like this makeup tutorial.

Anyway this is a Victoria's Secret Runway Inspired Makeup. I played with brown and gold mostly and im glad it turned out great, this is actually one of my favorite eye-makeups. The idea came from my sister, i was skyping with her and she suggested that i should do this look. So yeah i hope you'll enjoy this one :)

Please do comment below :)


  1. Love your eyes !!
    Definitely trying this on my next night out :)


  2. Thanks Launa! Its pretty easy to do actually. Have fun on your nightout! :)


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