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Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey! :)

My friend Sharm and I did a photoshoot last month, She was the photographer and I was the make-up artist. We asked 2 of our friends to model for us. The idea was a cover girl type of shoot with green background. We figured UP would be the most accessible and open place, very convenient for all of us.

We started the shoot a little late, the sun almost setting but the light was still good enough.

Dane's Summary Photo

Dane has that natural glowing tan and high cheekbones that every girl envies.

For her eyes, I chose green and gold also added falsies to enhace her lashes. 
The face contoured with bronzer and used faded rose color on her cheeks.
I used pale pink lipstick for her lips dabbed with lipgloss

Quesa's Summary Photo

Quesa has clear white porcelain skin. I always see her face as a good canvas for make-up. 

I chose earthly shades for her eyes, played with brown, gold and black eyeliner.
I also added falsies for a more dramatic effect.
Contoured her face with a bronzer and added blush for color.
For her lips, i used the same pale pink dabbed with lipgloss.

Aside from Photography, Sharm also did the hair of both models
The earrings used were from my collection.

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