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Friday, October 14, 2011

That Red Lips!

Hey! :)

So lately I've been obsessing over red lips and the whole classic look. Though I barely touch my red lipstick, because i find it very extravagant for daily use, there's always a time when i want to look elegant and sophisticated. 

Every skin tone can rock a red lips. Whatever the color of your skin is, you just need to find the right shade of red lipstick,  may it be orangey red or browny red, you'll look great! Just step up and be confident! 

For me, I believe that there are two ways on using your red lipstick and how to pair them with your eye shadows.

There is the Classic, Simple Yet Elegant look.  
The Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift type

With your basic make-up products you can pop this look in just a few minutes! 
  • Just an eyeliner and highlighter or any light shimmery color shadow for your eyes and light blush on cheeks, and ofcourse your rocking red lips!  This look can be vavavoom!

And there is the Party Rocking look with Dark Smoky Eyes paired up with red lipstick to create a dramatic effect

This look is best for night outs! With the eye shadow blending, this may take a few more minutes than the classic, simple yet elegant look. But after finishing this look, you'll surely rock the night out!
  • You just need dark color shadows and good blending skills for your eyes. Barely there blush or just a bronzer to contour your face and the rocking red lipstick!

...and here is my red lipstick look! 

I did the classic, simple yet elegant look...


I used my MAC Cremesheen Dare You lipstick

I used Elf's black eyeliner for my eyes, concentrating on skin just above the upper lashes and white shimmery shadow on the inner cantus

I used my Sephora bronzer to contour my face

I always see women wearing red lipstick as bold and confident

 Red lipstick can make your teeth look whiter! 


If you want a longer lasting red lips
Grab some tissue paper, blot your first lipstick application and reapply your lipstick again.

Don't want lipstick on your teeth? 
Take your pointed finger, make an open "O" shape with your lips, stick your pointer finger in your mouth, gently press your lips around your finger and then slowly retract your finger back out. This method will help you get rid of the excess lipstick that went too far on your lips and save you from getting lipstick on your teeth.

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