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Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Halloween Look!

Hey Guys!

We're already in the second week of October and November is just around the corner, which means Halloween! I've never actually done a Halloween makeup or generally the creepy look because im used to doing the typical makeups, you know, on how to look beautiful and not scary :))

And also Halloween here in Philippines isn't really the same like in other countries where costume parties are very popular and trick or treats (maybe for some well off communities) but generally it is recognized as a solemn holiday where the souls of the departed are recognized and respected.

But yeah, back to makeups, i realized that this other idea is very challenging and will tickle your mind with creativity and imagination. I always think that a good make-up artists know how to reach outside their comfort zone and explore with different ideas. As an artist, you need to have vast amount of creativity and remember that there are no limitations.

So here is my trial halloween look, I made a sketch draft first before putting it on my skin

From Paper

 To Skin

The idea is Blue Butterfly, which may not be very apparent :)) 

 More photos!


I used an edge brush with black eyeshadow to make an outline


 For the blue face, I used Elianto's blue shadow which is very well pigmented

 I used the same Elianto blue shadow over Mac's red lipstick to achieve the vibrant blue shade lips

 I thought of smudging the eyeliner for a creepier look :))

But this may be the creepiest picture....


Comment below what make-up ideas you want for the Halloween! :)


  1. nice one..i like your creativity! =)


  2. Thanks Macy! this is just a trial, ill be making a video of my halloween look soon :)

  3. that's sooooo pretty, Lauren! <3 I didn't know Elianto has a make-up line? A friend from the Philippines gifted me an elianto nailpolish during my vacation and I always thought Elianto are pure nails. Ha ha! Keep those vids coming, love! x Phey

  4. Hi Phey! yes elianto is also a makeup line, they actually have a good makeup collection.


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