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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sleepover and Makeover!

Hey Guys!

I had a short vacation at a friend's house, i slept there for 2 nights. Her house is so nice, they just moved back in because ite was under renovation for 6 mons. Well it was worth the wait because it looks incredible, I had to grab a photo of my friends room to show you guys how amazing it looks. Job well done for their designer :)

The idea of her room is entirely from my friend and the designer just helped her recreate it into reality

I love the Eiffel Tower on her wall!

After So much giggling and fun talk, we decided to play with make-ups. She borrowed some of her mom's makeup collection (her mom has tons of makeup) and asked me to do a makeover on her. 

 She actually suggested taking a before photo of herself

And after playing with make-up

I used James Cooper Eyeshadow Palette (which im very impressed with the quality, very pigmented shades). I was shocked at how pigmented the colors were so i jumped into the most vibrant shades :)

  Can you believe it? Those are her natural eyelashes :)

we decided to take it to the next level :))

The next night i did a green smokey eyes on her

 We had so much fun watching movies, catching up and just being around each other. We also went shopping for make-ups, i might post it here with my make-up products review soon. 

If you want to know how i did the looks and comment, don't hesitate to leave a message below :)


  1. I lalalalalrrveee her room! pretty wig she got on too!

  2. thanks for following my blog girl:) You have an inspiring blog:) Followed you back!:)Love your makeup creations,lovely!keep posting babe:)

  3. that room looks so nice!
    and you look so cute, great makeup, love the wig!


  4. i think that's one of the things that makes sleepovers so much fun: playing with makeup! it seems like you guys had a really fun and productive sleepover. :)

    <3, Mimi

  5. Thanks loves! Yes we had fun on our sleepover! played with makeups and stayed up all night watching movies :)

  6. Wow you're really talented, love the results!!
    And the room looks really nice!!!!


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