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Thursday, October 06, 2011

Something New!

Hey! :)

I finally decided to make a blogspot! I've been planning to make one ever since college grad, i thought i would have enough free time since academics were over but review classes and TV series kept me busy :))
and now that i'm officially a couchpotato, i decided to finally pursue this dream to reality :)) 

Through this blog i hope to share my passion in makeup, well not just makeup but i guess the whole industry where it revolves. When i was in highschool, i never thought that i would be obsessed with makeups and fashion. i was just a simple girl who went to school from mon-fri with just a loose white powder and petroleum jelly in my bag. My skin doesn't even have pores back then and i didn't need concealer and foundation but i wasn't exactly ignorant to makeups, my sister who is 9 years older than me was obsessed with it. i used to watch her spend an hour doing her makeup and i hated it. haha i guess it was a jinx. Before graduating from high school, i noticed small acnes erupting on my forehead, i became conscious and started trying different products. My sister got acne after college, adult acne so she had loads of beauty regimen and acne treatments. I tried different soaps and solutions yet nothing seemed to work until i tried a product that was introduced to me by my college friend. i guess ill do a blog on different acne treatments that i've tried and which one actually worked.  

Anyways enough rambling ill be posting any makeup and beauty related here soon. 
Im still figuring how to work with this site :))

Love alwayss,


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