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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mini Haul & Reviews

My foundation powder and mascara were getting dried up so i had to replenish my stock, I'm using the IN2IT Oil Control & Oil Free foundation powder 02 Warm Beige and the Maybelline collosal or magnum  waterproof mascara. I've been using this powder foundation for almost 5 years now.

I bought myself the same IN2IT powder and found that the price increased from the refill of
Php 420 its now worth Php 500 . DAMN!!! Thank God it was on sale that time so I only paid php450. but still! :((


Yet i still love the powder. It can stay on your face for 24 hours and still have the great matt effect, trust me ive tried it :)) but you have to atleast retouch it with a kabuki brush not the same sponge or your face will be all thick :)).

I think that this powder really fits well with asian skin. it has a matt finish with a good coverage so you dont need to re-apply so much. It can also be used as wet and dry foundation ( wet- if you're not using any liquid, cream foundation based on your skin and you want a lasting matt finish). Also has SPF 25 :)

Since my all time foundation is now getting expensive, i have to have another powder resort to make sure that i don't dry up my in2it too fast. I saw this new product from maybelline which is a lottt cheaper than IN2IT, The Maybelline Clear Smooth shine free cake powder only cost Php149 in refill! I chose the shade in Honey (almost the same shade from in2it). and decided to only use it as my retouching powder.

Good thing about this product is that it really has a clear smooth shine free finish, and a good coverage for the price too. seriously, i never thought that it can actually be a good base powder.  and plus the price, way cheaper than other brands. It also has SPF 25

Cons for this is that it can only be used as dry foundation, you may need to use a foundation based in liquid or cream if you want an extra coverage also the powder can easily break off so you need to be extra careful in hadling and make sure not to drop it.

I also bought this Hypercurl Volum' Express mascara from maybelline because my magnum collosal also from maybelline is starting to dry up. This one is cheaper than magnum, only costs Php 250. collosal costs 400+ i think. Its a good mascara, gives volume and curls but it doesn't do much lengthening compared to magnum. but all in all, its a good buy!


  1. Very lovely blog! I find this really helpful since I'm addicted to make ups. Thank you!!!!


  2. thanks! Ill be posting more reviews and tutorials soon :)


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