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Sunday, October 30, 2011

My Avatar MakeUp Version

Heya Guys!

Who's ready for the Halloween?? I sure am!  I want to share with you my latest makeup replica inspired by Neytiri from the Avatar Movie. This is actually my second attempt in making a Halloween make-up/look. (Scroll down to check my first one!) And apparently I like this one better. Maybe because i even did my hair and really gave an effort just to look like Neytiri :)) So I hope you guys will like it too!

Neytiri, The Princess of Pandora

Before photo with half of my face in blue

My Avatar Transformation

My avatar ears are paper cut outs painted with oil pastel :)

I don't have hairbeads so i just used my colored rubber bands and tied them vertically? :))

I used my feather earrings as hair accessory 
( Its purple though, Neytiri had red and yellow feathers on her hair)

Wanna know how I did this look? 

Check out my Youtube tutorial :)

Make-up Products I used in my Avatar Look:

**Note: You can use any other brands or product that you already have, you don't need to use the same exact product I used

-Blue Eyeshadow from Elianto
-Black Eyeshadow from Ever Bilena
Black Pencil Eyeliner from Elf
-Nichido Nude Pink Lipstick    

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Victoria's Secret Runway Inspired Makeup

Hey Guys!! :)

My 3rd makeup video tutorial has been on youtube for almost a week now and I was planning on posting it here just hours after i uploaded it on youtube but i didn't have photos like from my other makeup vids. I googled how to get images from a video but man its so hard so instead of going crazy over pictures im just gonna let this one slip :) I still hope though that you would still like this makeup tutorial.

Anyway this is a Victoria's Secret Runway Inspired Makeup. I played with brown and gold mostly and im glad it turned out great, this is actually one of my favorite eye-makeups. The idea came from my sister, i was skyping with her and she suggested that i should do this look. So yeah i hope you'll enjoy this one :)

Please do comment below :)

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Sleepover and Makeover!

Hey Guys!

I had a short vacation at a friend's house, i slept there for 2 nights. Her house is so nice, they just moved back in because ite was under renovation for 6 mons. Well it was worth the wait because it looks incredible, I had to grab a photo of my friends room to show you guys how amazing it looks. Job well done for their designer :)

The idea of her room is entirely from my friend and the designer just helped her recreate it into reality

I love the Eiffel Tower on her wall!

After So much giggling and fun talk, we decided to play with make-ups. She borrowed some of her mom's makeup collection (her mom has tons of makeup) and asked me to do a makeover on her. 

 She actually suggested taking a before photo of herself

And after playing with make-up

I used James Cooper Eyeshadow Palette (which im very impressed with the quality, very pigmented shades). I was shocked at how pigmented the colors were so i jumped into the most vibrant shades :)

  Can you believe it? Those are her natural eyelashes :)

we decided to take it to the next level :))

The next night i did a green smokey eyes on her

 We had so much fun watching movies, catching up and just being around each other. We also went shopping for make-ups, i might post it here with my make-up products review soon. 

If you want to know how i did the looks and comment, don't hesitate to leave a message below :)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Sweet Purple & Pink Make-Up

Hey! :)

I want to share with you guys the purple pink eye makeup that i just came up with. I was thinking of what make-up i should do next and got lost, haha I was completely clueless. I guess i wanted something new and something that would be very extravagant, but i realized that i should just be doing something that can be worn everyday.. Something unique yet flexible, Something that is not the typical brown and neutral colors.

And so i thought of the color purple and pink which make a very sweet look when combined together.

If you want to know how I did this makeup, please watch my youtube video  

And please do comment and follow back! :)

Products I used in Sweet Purple & Pink Make-Up

**Note: You can use any other brands or product that you already have, you don't need to use the same exact product I used

  • Nivea Sunblock SPF 50 (yes i use sunblock as my moisturizer)
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Foundation in True Beige
  • Shu Uemura Pro Concealer in Medium Light
  • Maybelline Clear Smooth Shine Free Foundation Powder in Honey
  • Fashion 21 Dark Brown Eyebrow Pencil
  • From Sephora's Collection palette
  • White shimmery shadow
  • and Pink blush or shadow
  • Body Shop's Purple Eyeshadow
  • In2it Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner
  • Maybelline Great Lash Washable Mascara
  • Pink Blush from Sephora's Collection Palette
  • Body Shop Strawberry Lip Balm
  • Nichido Juicy Lips in Raspberry Float
  • Sephora Bright Pink Lipgloss

Hope you enjoy my make-up tutorial, please comment or suggest any make-up looks that you want me to do :)


Sunday, October 16, 2011

First Halloween Look!

Hey Guys!

We're already in the second week of October and November is just around the corner, which means Halloween! I've never actually done a Halloween makeup or generally the creepy look because im used to doing the typical makeups, you know, on how to look beautiful and not scary :))

And also Halloween here in Philippines isn't really the same like in other countries where costume parties are very popular and trick or treats (maybe for some well off communities) but generally it is recognized as a solemn holiday where the souls of the departed are recognized and respected.

But yeah, back to makeups, i realized that this other idea is very challenging and will tickle your mind with creativity and imagination. I always think that a good make-up artists know how to reach outside their comfort zone and explore with different ideas. As an artist, you need to have vast amount of creativity and remember that there are no limitations.

So here is my trial halloween look, I made a sketch draft first before putting it on my skin

From Paper

 To Skin

The idea is Blue Butterfly, which may not be very apparent :)) 

 More photos!


I used an edge brush with black eyeshadow to make an outline


 For the blue face, I used Elianto's blue shadow which is very well pigmented

 I used the same Elianto blue shadow over Mac's red lipstick to achieve the vibrant blue shade lips

 I thought of smudging the eyeliner for a creepier look :))

But this may be the creepiest picture....


Comment below what make-up ideas you want for the Halloween! :)

Kim Kardashian Inspired Look

Hey Guys!

I just recently added my first ever make-up tutorial on youtube! wheww, it was also my first time to edit a video, i never thought it would be soo hard! haha. i guess because video editing and cutting were all new to me, but Im glad i did it because i actually learned something new. Though i wish have a better camera because the quality of the video is really important, i mean who wants to watch something very pixelated right? :/

So basically I chose Kim Kardashian because i love her! she has amazing features and i just love love her face. She looks so perfect. :)) yep i know.. im such a fan! :))

So here goes my video guys!

please be kind to me, this is my first makeup video after all :))

Friday, October 14, 2011

That Red Lips!

Hey! :)

So lately I've been obsessing over red lips and the whole classic look. Though I barely touch my red lipstick, because i find it very extravagant for daily use, there's always a time when i want to look elegant and sophisticated. 

Every skin tone can rock a red lips. Whatever the color of your skin is, you just need to find the right shade of red lipstick,  may it be orangey red or browny red, you'll look great! Just step up and be confident! 

For me, I believe that there are two ways on using your red lipstick and how to pair them with your eye shadows.

There is the Classic, Simple Yet Elegant look.  
The Marilyn Monroe, Taylor Swift type

With your basic make-up products you can pop this look in just a few minutes! 
  • Just an eyeliner and highlighter or any light shimmery color shadow for your eyes and light blush on cheeks, and ofcourse your rocking red lips!  This look can be vavavoom!

And there is the Party Rocking look with Dark Smoky Eyes paired up with red lipstick to create a dramatic effect

This look is best for night outs! With the eye shadow blending, this may take a few more minutes than the classic, simple yet elegant look. But after finishing this look, you'll surely rock the night out!
  • You just need dark color shadows and good blending skills for your eyes. Barely there blush or just a bronzer to contour your face and the rocking red lipstick!

...and here is my red lipstick look! 

I did the classic, simple yet elegant look...


I used my MAC Cremesheen Dare You lipstick

I used Elf's black eyeliner for my eyes, concentrating on skin just above the upper lashes and white shimmery shadow on the inner cantus

I used my Sephora bronzer to contour my face

I always see women wearing red lipstick as bold and confident

 Red lipstick can make your teeth look whiter! 


If you want a longer lasting red lips
Grab some tissue paper, blot your first lipstick application and reapply your lipstick again.

Don't want lipstick on your teeth? 
Take your pointed finger, make an open "O" shape with your lips, stick your pointer finger in your mouth, gently press your lips around your finger and then slowly retract your finger back out. This method will help you get rid of the excess lipstick that went too far on your lips and save you from getting lipstick on your teeth.

Thursday, October 13, 2011


Hey! :)

My friend Sharm and I did a photoshoot last month, She was the photographer and I was the make-up artist. We asked 2 of our friends to model for us. The idea was a cover girl type of shoot with green background. We figured UP would be the most accessible and open place, very convenient for all of us.

We started the shoot a little late, the sun almost setting but the light was still good enough.

Dane's Summary Photo

Dane has that natural glowing tan and high cheekbones that every girl envies.

For her eyes, I chose green and gold also added falsies to enhace her lashes. 
The face contoured with bronzer and used faded rose color on her cheeks.
I used pale pink lipstick for her lips dabbed with lipgloss

Quesa's Summary Photo

Quesa has clear white porcelain skin. I always see her face as a good canvas for make-up. 

I chose earthly shades for her eyes, played with brown, gold and black eyeliner.
I also added falsies for a more dramatic effect.
Contoured her face with a bronzer and added blush for color.
For her lips, i used the same pale pink dabbed with lipgloss.

Aside from Photography, Sharm also did the hair of both models
The earrings used were from my collection.

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Mini Haul & Reviews

My foundation powder and mascara were getting dried up so i had to replenish my stock, I'm using the IN2IT Oil Control & Oil Free foundation powder 02 Warm Beige and the Maybelline collosal or magnum  waterproof mascara. I've been using this powder foundation for almost 5 years now.

I bought myself the same IN2IT powder and found that the price increased from the refill of
Php 420 its now worth Php 500 . DAMN!!! Thank God it was on sale that time so I only paid php450. but still! :((


Yet i still love the powder. It can stay on your face for 24 hours and still have the great matt effect, trust me ive tried it :)) but you have to atleast retouch it with a kabuki brush not the same sponge or your face will be all thick :)).

I think that this powder really fits well with asian skin. it has a matt finish with a good coverage so you dont need to re-apply so much. It can also be used as wet and dry foundation ( wet- if you're not using any liquid, cream foundation based on your skin and you want a lasting matt finish). Also has SPF 25 :)

Since my all time foundation is now getting expensive, i have to have another powder resort to make sure that i don't dry up my in2it too fast. I saw this new product from maybelline which is a lottt cheaper than IN2IT, The Maybelline Clear Smooth shine free cake powder only cost Php149 in refill! I chose the shade in Honey (almost the same shade from in2it). and decided to only use it as my retouching powder.

Good thing about this product is that it really has a clear smooth shine free finish, and a good coverage for the price too. seriously, i never thought that it can actually be a good base powder.  and plus the price, way cheaper than other brands. It also has SPF 25

Cons for this is that it can only be used as dry foundation, you may need to use a foundation based in liquid or cream if you want an extra coverage also the powder can easily break off so you need to be extra careful in hadling and make sure not to drop it.

I also bought this Hypercurl Volum' Express mascara from maybelline because my magnum collosal also from maybelline is starting to dry up. This one is cheaper than magnum, only costs Php 250. collosal costs 400+ i think. Its a good mascara, gives volume and curls but it doesn't do much lengthening compared to magnum. but all in all, its a good buy!

Sunday, October 09, 2011

Growing Up!

Hey guys!

It was raining outside and the internet was slow so to pass time produtively I gave my teen cousin a makeover. :)) She's in her sophomore year in highschool and just like me back then she barely touches make-ups though she's not totally against it. She has bushy brows so i trimmed and shaped them, she was totally against it and was almost hysterical when i started shaving them. I still maintained the normal shape though and just removed the baby busy brows



I used brown shades for her eyes to make it look more natural and deep

I love highlighters, i think it gives a more natural look especially during the day or when the light is shining on your face. It can make your face glow and can brighten dull eyes too! 

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Saturday, October 08, 2011

Make-up for Creative Shoot

 Hey! :)

This post may be a bit outdated because the creative shots were taken before i graduated from college (which is like 6 mons ago) yet i still want to share this with you because i consider it as my first make-up gig. I did the make up of 10 people, mostly my classmates and some friends from school who trusted my abilities. 

So here are some of the photos that i recovered from the shoot


It was a very long day, i started from 9 am til 4 in the afternoon and even had a fever during the shoot yet after the day, i felt happy and contented. Like i've accomplished something big.

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