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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hair & Makeup Gig AMV Singing Contest Season 6

Hey Guys!

As you've noticed if you read my last post, this is actually somehow related to that. I was hired again to do hair and makeup for the top 10 finalist of a singing contest in UST with Inoue, I'm so glad to be given this opportunity and so i'm really happy to share the experience with you guys.

 Gladys, my first client at the singing event.

  She chose the purple shade to match the color of her gown

She got into the Top 5!


I decided to change her hairstyle for the next singing round

 French Braid Twist

She got the 1st place!


I wasn't able to take a picture of Ian before grooming him so i just posted his photo right after the first round before makeup retouching

After the Makeup Retouching

I put some colors to his cheeks and lips so that he wouldn't look so pale on the stage.

For male makeup, I do the usual skin care routine, that includes foundation and concealing, but i mostly focus on contouring and highlighting the face. This can emphasize the bone structures and enhance the manly features :)

** Normal makeup isn't the best on stage, especially when there is a spotlight. The light usually eats up all the colors on your face making it look very pale.
Stage makeup is usually a little thicker or exaggerated than the typical makeups. This is to maintain the color and prevent your face from looking flat. I hope you get what i mean :))

 I'm so proud of Mariell, 
The Grandwinner of the AMV season 6

 I only did her hair because the makeup was done by her best friend. Isnt that sweet? 

Her winning song was "Someone like you" by Adele and oh boy, she can sing it! 
I wish I recorded it so you guys can hear it too

  But if you don't know the song yet, here's the link to Youtube

 I also did the hair and makeup of one of the hosts, Shel.

 Congratulations to the Top 3 Contestants!

 More Photos Here

Inoue and I playing Makeup :))

Thanks for reading guys!
Please do share your thoughts about the post


  1. What an awesome opportunity! I am so happy for you, the make-up and hair came out great and you look beautiful in the photos as well ;)

  2. You did such a great job on both hair make up! What an awesome opportunity!


  3. how cool! you did a great job. they all look really pretty.


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