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Friday, October 07, 2011

Acne Treatment that Works!

Hey Guys! :)

I decided to post a blog about acne and the treatments that i've tried. Since basically my blog is about make-up and beauty, i think its best to start with the skin. Skin care for me is the most important and crucial aspect of beauty regimen. I do not have great skin, I've had my fair share of acne drama. When i entered college, i started using a foundation to cover up the pimples on my forehead,  i thought it would just go away on its own and i accepted that i wasn't gifted with great skin but it became worse, my pimples migrated to my cheeks (which ive been praying not to happen!). From then I realized that it wouldn't go on its own and necessary action had to be made. I've tried soo many products starting from proactive, mariodebascu etc. yet nothing seemed to work on my skin. Until college sophomore year, my classmate (who has great skin) told me to use Dalacin-C 150mg and incorporate it with Eskinol (a facial cleanser popular here in the philippines). She said that she used to have pimples and the product worked wonders on her. And so desperately wanting to get rid of acne, i followed her advice. 

Using 1 capsule of Dalacin-c 150 mg (removed the powder from the capsule), I incorporated the powder with the medium size Eskinol dermaclear c. I used it every night after washing my face. And after soo many products that failed, i finally found one that works. Though it was a slow improvement, 1 month as i remember, and the drying and redness of the marks after applying. It was worth it and i love that i didnt have pimples for a very long time not even 1 small red spot! (like less than a year),  You just have to be very patient with this product and remeber to drink loadss of water! 2-3 L/day! I tried to recommend this to my friends and some said theyve seen improvements, 

*You may need to increase the dose of dalacin-c if you have a severe acne*

After a year of using it, i decided to stop. i felt confident that there would be no more breakouts. But i was wrong, after a month of stopping i was back to my old acne face. and i tried to use the dalacin c solution again but it wasnt working anymore, i think that i developed resistance to it.

And so i was back on my feet looking for the best acne treatment, again! And this time i was very impatient with every product that i used. I was thinking of going to the derma but my friends told me that they will prick every single spot and intensive drying and peeling may occur. I got scared because i didn't want to go to school with my face peeling, 'so i gave the most common acne product a try, Panoxyl! i started with 2.5 but found that i need the stronger one, which is 5. until now im still using this product whenever i get spots. The only problem with this product is the drying during the first few use. I used this before going to bed applying only where the acne is. You may need to use a water based moisturizer during the day to prevent intensive dryness. Like any other acne treatments, you have to be very patient! It took only a week for me to see the result.

I don't know how to promote this product but this may be the best treatment i've ever tried! seriously! Drinking water, like literally drowning yourself (2-3 LITERS PER DAY) will show great improvement in your skin. I wanted to have the greatest skin so i tried, just after 3 days, i noticed no pimples erupting and that i have lesser oil. i didn't need to retouch my powder like i used to. but i did have doubts, and so after drowning myself with water for a week. i stopped the water routine and went back to my 5 glasses a day. only after 2 days, the shiny face and spots were back. i still didnt believe and thought that it may just be a coincidence. so i tested it again once more. and TADA!! same result!  after that, i make sure that i drink plenttyy of water every day! REMEMBER TO CUT OFF OILS AND FATTY FOODS FROM YOUR DIET! AND EAT LOTSS OF VEGGIES! 

Hope this will help you get rid of acne!

Goodluck!! :)

Love alwayss,



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